Provider Profile – Kim Petermann

1. What is your role/position with NHCLV and which location do you work at? How long have you worked for the organization?

I am a registered nurse and the maternal/child health care manager. I work primarily at the Allentown community health center location and started in January 2019.

2. Why do you think an FQHC is important in caring for members of the Lehigh Valley community?

Our team members are problem-solvers that look beyond medical charts and into the lives of our patients. Patient-centered care is the goal in reducing the incidence of chronic disease in the most challenging communities.

3. What’s the most important thing you have learned working for an FQHC?

This is the second FQHC I have worked at because I love it so much. We work hard to be our families’ medical home, providing high quality, integrated primary medical, behavioral and dental health care, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

4. What do you love most about your job?

I love working closely with our low-risk prenatal population and complex care pediatric patients. It’s rewarding to see a patient throughout their prenatal care and seamlessly transition their newborn as a patient into our family practice. We care for the entire family as a whole.

5. What one piece of advice do you have for patients when it comes to caring for their health?

I believe healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. We at NHCLV are here to help navigate the confusing healthcare system in order to ensure appropriate quality healthcare is received. We must work as partners, trusting one another to achieve this goal.